Proprietary Foundation Repair Solutions

There is no single foundation repair option that addresses every type of foundation problem.  That is why Arizona Foundation Solutions owner, Bob Brown, has been leading foundation innovation for three decades! From improving on existing foundation repair systems and techniques to creating NEW solutions to the foundation problems we see in the Southwestern United States, Bob has made it his mission to help Homeowners.

Examples of Foundation Repair Innovations include:


No Two Foundation Problems are Created Equally

Before you can select the repair solution, the cause of the problem must be determined.  This is why Arizona Foundation Solutions adheres to the Level 'B' foundation inspection guidelines established by The Foundation Performance Association and the American Society of Civil Engineers (Texas 5d Chapter).

Every foundation problem has it's own unique set of circumstances.  Things like landscape design, drainage, weather history and the soil the home was built on all need careful consideration.  Helping Homeowners determine the actual cause of the foundation issue with our Forensic Engineered Report will save time, money and a lot of frustration in the long run.  

"If The Only Tool They Have is a Hammer, Then All Their Problems Start Looking Like Nails"



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