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What IS a Stem Wall, Anyway?


Understanding  what a stem wall is and isn't

So what IS a stem wall, anyway? Understanding what a stem wall is first requires knowledge about the three basic foundation types:

  • Basement foundations
  • Crawlspace foundations 
  • Concrete Slab foundations

Stem walls are a part of the slab foundation system. A buildings stem wall attaches the walls of the home to the foundation. Stem walls are often composed with concrete and rebar. Given enough time and the right conditions, a number of stem walls will fail regardless of how well they were constructed. Variables such as moisture (either from the weather or landscape) may cause oxidization of the rebar contained within the home's stem wall.


While well intended, most concrete stem wall repairs will fail overtime.


Symptoms of stem wall failure may include cracking, both vertical and horizontal, concrete crumbling at the stem wall, concrete spalling at the stem wall as well as erosion. Additionally, overtime the tie down straps within the stem wall (see above image) may rot and fail… Making an Arizona monsoon micro-burst an even more dangerous situation.


While well intended, most stem wall repairs will fail overtime. This is primarily the result of replacing rebar with more rebar! Often, the exact same price of oxidized rebar is placed back into the home’s stem wall! This approach will almost certainly guarantee future stem wall repair failure. As a result, it is rare to find a contractor that is willing to warranty such a concrete repair.


Symptoms of stem wall failure include cracking, crumbling and spalling concrete.


Bob Brown, Owner and Chief Innovator of Arizona Foundation Solutions, has a proprietary impacted solution that will address the stem wall failure as well as provide a warranty against future failure in the same repair area. The NeveRust Stem Wall Repair System comes with a warranty that is transferable, should the home ever be sold.


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