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Arizona's Premier Foundation Repair Contractor

CN Live 2019

September 19th ,20th , and 21st  six members of the Arizona Foundation Solutions Team traveled to Seymour, Connecticut to learn from the brightest and best in our industry. We came away inspired,.

The Foundation Protection League & Our Homeowner Heroes

On September 7th, AZFS Homeowner Heroes gathered at SunSplash to celebrate the end of summer & strengthen the fellowship of the Foundation Protection League.

AZFS Obtains PTI Certification

... And Are the ONLY Foundation Repair Contractor in the state to have this certification.

We receive an increasing amount of calls from homeowners that have post tensioned foundations. Over the.

Mistakes: Life's Opportunity to Grow & Learn (pt 7)

The project I am going to highlight here has a long history of mistakes going back many years. Many parts are muddy and unclear.

Mistakes: Life’s Opportunity Grow & Learn (part 6)

The advantages and disadvantages of empowering everyone in the organization.

One of the great advantages we have done here at Arizona Foundation Solutions is that we have enlisted everyone who.

Mistakes: Life’s Opportunities to Grow & Learn (part 5)

"Sometimes it takes getting hit between the eyes with a two by four to realize when we need to learn something!”

- Bob Brown, Foundation Repair Expert & Arizona Foundation Solutions Owner

Mistakes: Life’s Opportunities to Grow & Learn (Part 4)

The next project was very similar the last one and happened in a similar time frame. It only goes to show that sometimes it takes a few pokes in the eye to get our attention and effect change in.

Mistakes: Life’s Opportunities to Grow & Learn (Part 3)

It would have been easy and cheap to address this problem if identified clearly and done at the time of the other work.

We had a job that underscores the importance of making sure that we are as a.

Mistakes: Life’s Opportunities to Grow & Learn (Part 2)

Iteration leads to improvement if the feedback is utilized!

In a previous blog, I discussed how we have learned over the years from mistakes we have made. In this blog, we are going to take a look.

Mistakes: Life’s Opportunities to Grow & Learn (Part 1)

"Running a business is hard. Especially as it transitions from a small 'mom and pop' operation where the owner directly oversees everyone work to a business that relies on the work of others.

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