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Arizona Stem Wall Repair News

Important Facts You Should Know about Stem Wall Repairs in the City of Phoenix

Stem wall repair work is modifying a structural component of the foundation system. It supports 100% of the roof and.

What We Stand For

As a team, we have continually reexamined who we are and what we are about. We have looked at this through several lenses in order to fully explore our culture. We want to know that we are all.

Not the Time for Risks

We get it. There are enough unknowns going on right now. We don’t need to increase our exposure when it comes to making sure our home and in particular, the home’s foundation is performing well. .

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

"One thing that has remained constant has been my curiosity and willingness to explore how we can provide better foundation repair solutions for our customers. The other thing that has remained.

Summer is Here & It’s a Hot One!

Arizona Desert Heat Can be Deadly

To be fair, all Summers in the desert portions of the Grand Canyon State are 'Hot Ones'. 

However, we got an early dose of summer this year and you can bet this.

Arizona Foundation Solutions Vindicated in BTR Investigation

"Our competition is clearly frustrated with our ability to produce quality reports with a cost model that cannot be duplicated anywhere."

- Bob Brown

Several months ago, a local engineer filed a.

MoistureLevel System Proves Cost Effective for Treating Vapor Transmission


Vapor transmission with slabs on grade is a vexing problem the foundation repair industry has struggled with for decades. Millions of dollars of damage has occurred as adhesives fail, coatings.

Repair Plan Logic

As an Engineering Team, we often have peer review discussions on the needs for underpinning, and if established, where to stop and start. We have built a system of checks and balances to insure.

Arizona Foundation Solutions Finishes 2nd Phase of Remodel

While reaction to the Coronavirus has slowed us down, we still continue to make progress on our remodel. The new men’s and women’s restrooms are now completed and the new training room is.

Supportworks receives UES Evaluation Report 691

In an earlier post I discussed the problems with using ICC Acceptance Criteria 358 for helical piles in residential retrofit applications. The problems are numerous resulting in an industry wide.

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