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MoistureLevel System Proves Cost Effective for Treating Vapor Transmission


Vapor transmission with slabs on grade is a vexing problem the foundation repair industry has struggled with for decades. Millions of dollars of damage has occurred as adhesives fail, coatings.

Repair Plan Logic

As an Engineering Team, we often have peer review discussions on the needs for underpinning, and if established, where to stop and start. We have built a system of checks and balances to insure.

Arizona Foundation Solutions Finishes 2nd Phase of Remodel

While reaction to the Coronavirus has slowed us down, we still continue to make progress on our remodel. The new men’s and women’s restrooms are now completed and the new training room is.

Supportworks receives UES Evaluation Report 691

In an earlier post I discussed the problems with using ICC Acceptance Criteria 358 for helical piles in residential retrofit applications. The problems are numerous resulting in an industry wide.

In Group and Blind Spot Bias

In previous blogs, we’ve noted that for survival reasons, humans have developed heuristic mental shortcuts that often lead to erroneous conclusions with complex problems. By better understanding.

Mistakes: Life’s Opportunity Grow & Learn (part 7)

In examining our mistakes, we engage in feedback that makes us better, smarter and it allows us to operate with fewer mistakes in the future. Rather than hide mistakes and pretend they don’t.

Shoofly Village: Foundation Innovation, Prehistoric Edition

Ancient Innovation paved the way for all industries and foundation construction / foundation repair isn't any different.  

Business Update: COVID-19

Arizona Homeowners:

Adventures In Remodeling: Putting it Back Together

After tearing our office apart that required some of our team to work from home, we have finally began to put our office back together again. We hit a stopping point for about 3 weeks, while.

Meet the Team Monday - Gregory Andrews

Meet Arizona Foundation Solutions Foreperson All-Star, Gregory Andrews!

Gregory’s introduction to the foundation repair industry started at a very young age. At just 12 years old, he was helping.

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