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Cognitive Biases: The Dunning Kruger Effect

Cognitive biases that can interfere with foundation assessments includes the Dunning Kruger Effect.

In previous blogs I noted that Humans for survival reasons have developed heuristic mental.

Remediation of Hotel pt. I

The Remediation of Hotel built on Top of a Landfill - Part I

We have another project (similar to the last tilt up Phoenix warehouse project) that is challenging our technical experts to utilize.

Saving a Catastrophe - Final Entry

Phoenix Commercial Warehouse on top of a Solid Landfill has Foundation Problem Remediated

We have finished the entire project!  To catch up, the previous blogs & links are below. We finished the.

Saving a Catastrophe part VII

Commercial Foundation Repair:

Moving Walls


ICC Makes First Change for Helical Piles to AC358 since its inception in 2007

Yes, you read it correctly. Before we dig into this, lets catch up those unfamiliar with AC357. It is the acceptance criteria for helical piles in ICC. Any reports that ICC puts out for a helical.

Interview with David Deatherage, PE of Copper State Engineering


Recently, I sat down with David Deathrage, PE of Copper State Engineering.  We discussed a variety of topics, including how Mr. Deathrage founded his firm and the need for engineering on.

Delaying a Crawlspace Repair & Encapsulation

Do you encapsulate the crawlspace beneath your home now or later?

Previously, we have discussed the health and energy saving reasons for encapsulation of your crawlspace (Springy Floors & Crawl.

Springy Floors & Crawl Spaces

Got Springy Floors?

There might be an issue with the structure supporting your floor, just above your home's crawl space.

I Have a Dirt Crawlspace… So What is the Problem?

Many people have dirt crawlspaces not realizing the problems that it engenders. In a previous blog I discussed the issues of inviting moisture into a crawlspace through venting where it attracts.

What IS a Stem Wall, Anyway?

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