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Examples of Non-Engineered Flawed Designs

Making Adjustments on a Foundation Repair

Concrete Stem Wall Repair Claims

It is important for Homeowners to be able to know the real facts about concrete stem wall repair in order to understand the claims made by some “Foundation / Concrete Repair Experts”. Most Homeowners.

Mistakes We Have Made

Sudden and Catastrophic Collapse of Surfside Condominiums

How does it relate to our homes?

Cognitive Biases: False Cause

More Biases that interfere with Foundation Diagnoses: False Cause

False Cause Fallacy is commonly defined as ‘mistaking correlation for causation’. Humans have succeeded as the dominant species.

Overlay of Concrete to Fix Expansive Soil Heave

Is overlaying concrete a lasting solution to address foundation heave? No.

Helical Piles to Fix Expansive Soil Heave

Helical Piles to Fix Expansive Soil Heave…. Round Pegs for Square Holes!

Recently I read on a foundation repair competitor’s blog that their solution to foundation heave was - wait for it- more.

Non-engineered Options in Foundation Repair

To have foundation repair sales personnel produce various solutions that are arrived at with anything other than engineering processes is likely to produce results that are questionable at best.


Types of Pile Foundations & their Applications in Foundation Repair

Pile foundations are columns inserted into the ground that will transfer
weight loads to the deep soil beneath the structure.
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