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The Hardest Job of My Life: Part 3

The project began in earnest at the end of May, which was ideal as the Sonoran Desert heat had not settles in for the summer just yet. One of our top production foremen, David Ortiz, was assigned to.

The Hardest Job of My Life

There are a number of variables to consider when looking at a foundation problem. Unfortunately, there is no such things as a 'one size fits all foundation repair'. As a result, taking a scientific.

Gutters and Drainage Improvements

Limiting the moisture intrusion under a concrete slab foundation on houses built in the arid Southwest is a good thing.

It is a common misconception that we do not need Gutters or drainage here in.

The MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System Addresses Foundation Heave

Save Money With the MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System

We are completing project now that exemplifies everything I have been talking about for the last few months. It is a scenario that I see.

The MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System Technology

We have previously discussed the problems facing the foundation repair industry and a potential solution to those problems with my MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System.  How did The MoistureLevel.

MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System For Expansive Soils

Expansive Clay Soil Contributes to Foundation Heave Problems

In my last few blogs I pointed out how a majority of homes and commercial properties in arid climates get misdiagnosed, and that the.

Evidence of MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System Performance

Arizona Foundation Repair™ Experts

It has been 19 months since our systems install have begun (excluding our experimental work in 2003) and we have now over 180 installs to date. That is quite the.

Pool Stabilization Easily Accomplished by Pressure Grouting

Many people are under the mistaken impression that pressure grouting under pools for soil and Pool stabilization is not practical because of all of the risk of damaging pipes below the pool. Many.

Industry Case Study for Rio Salado Trunk Line Rehabilitation

Situation: The 230KV and 69KV duct banks were build on top of an existing landfill. Over time water infiltrated and caused as much as 18” in settlement.

Pool Repair and Soil Remediation

Pool Repair and Soil Remediation achieved by Pressure Grouting In Arizona

We were a key component of a difficult pool repair. An indoor swimming pool settled, broke some lines and was threatening.
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