Homeowners: Free Initial Foundation Inspection

Welcome to Foundation Repair Secrets with RK Bob Brown

RK Bob Brown is the Owner & Chief Innovator at Arizona Foundation Solutions, Arizona Foundation Repair™ Experts!

Even seasoned, professional foundation repair contractors can misdiagnose a foundation issue without proper analysis.  At Arizona Foundation Solutions, we believe that each foundation problem is as unique as the person who owns the house. 

As a result, our Forensic Engineered Reports adhere to the level 'B' foundation inspection guidelines established by The Foundation Performance Association and the American Society of Civil Engineers (Texas 5d Chapter). Basically,  our repair plans are rooted in science.

Making sure the foundation repair solution addresses the actual foundation problem is always our goal. That's why I have developed a number of proprietary foundation repair solutions when existing solutions didn't quite do the trick. 

As a result, we are the experts in:

  • Foundation Repair - Arizona Homes sit on a variety of foundations.  From post tensions (also known as PT slabs), to pier and beam, we are Arizona's Foundation Repair Experts!  

  • Concrete Repair - Our crack stitching method is more cost effective than pouring a new slab and will allow for some movement, to minimize potential damage from future movement.

  • Stem Wall Repair - Cracking, spalling and flaking concrete stem walls are common here in Arizona. That is why we created the NeveRust Stem Wall Repair System! Guaranteed to never rust and only available with Arizona Foundation Solutions.

  • Basement Waterproofing - Damp, musty basements decrease both the value and usable space in your home!  Our basement waterproofing services are warrantied and like our other services, we offer a price match guarantee. 

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation - Damp and musty crawl spaces decrease the storage space and may even be a safe haven to pests!  Encapsulating your home's crawl space will not only provide protection from the elements and pests, you will also gain valuable storage space.

All initial (level 'A') foundation inspections are free for Homeowners within our service area; just give us a call to book yours. While waiting for your appointment, take a look around and feel free to ask questions.  


RK Bob Brown

Arizona Foundation Solutions Owner & Chief Innovator


 Bob Brown, owner and operator of Arizona Foundation Solutions (AFS), previously owned and operated Arizona Ramjack L.L.C. until 2014. AFS employs the same installation personnel and uses the same facilities and most of the same equipment as were previously employed and used by Bob Brown, as a Ram Jack Dealer. However, Bob Brown and AFS are no longer affiliated with or associated with Ram Jack.