Steps & Components

Rules of Thumb GraphicPath to a Stable Home - Engineered Analysis Overview

There is no single solution to fix all foundation problems.  For example, you wouldn't repair a foundation settlement in the same way you would a foundation heave.  What if the home is showing symptoms of BOTH foundation heave & foundation settlement? This is what drove us here at Arizona Foundation Solutions to do things differently.

Determining the cause of your home's foundation problem is the first step in designing a repair plan to address it.  Our in house Engineering Department diligently reviews all of the data collected to ensure the repair plan will address the issue.  So you can rest easy knowing the recommended foundation repairs are rooted in science and not the commission needs of a Salesperson.  

Level B Foundation Inspection / Foundation Investigation Overview:
  • Initial Visit from an Arizona Foundation Solutions Consultant
  • On Site Survey / Data Collection
  • Data Collected is Compiled 
  • Arizona Foundation Solutions Engineering Department Compiles Preliminary Report
  • Arizona Foundation Solutions Consultant Reviews the Report to ensure Homeowner Goals are Met.
  • Report & Repair Plan are Completed & Stamped by a Licensed Engineer
  • Report & Repair Plan are reviewed by the AZFS Engineering Department Director 
  • In Depth Review of the Report & Repair Plan with the Homeowner
  • Repair Costs are Quoted Only After the Engineered Analysis are Completed

The cost associated with a Level B Foundation Inspection / Foundation Investigation varies.  Please contact our office for more information.

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