Best Practices for Homeowners Getting Ready to Sell A House

There are a few things you can do to prepare for selling your home. Ensuring that major repairs both come with a warranty and have the test of time behind them is ideal.  It is also paramount to make sure the contractor you select to complete a project is registered with the Registrar of Contractors (click HERE to visit the AZ Registrar of Contractors Website to verify a Contractor).

When you select a ROC Licensed Contractor and have a bit of time behind a warrantied repair, you are building value in the home for potential buyers.   

Short List of Tips When Getting Ready to List Your Home

  1. Set a timeframe & stick to it! Be accountable.
  2. Ask for outside opinions (do you need to paint? etc).
  3. Think of it like a small business… this is an asset you would like to get top dollar for!
    • Make a list of needed repairs & complete them.
    • If the repairs are not a ‘Do it Yourself’ project, schedule them with the ROC licensed contractor of your choice.
  1. Get rid of the mess! Clutter makes it difficult for potential buyers to see the actual house.
  2. De personalize & stage. Put away family photos and other personal items; buyers want to envision their personal items in the space.
  3. Refresh & PAINT!
  4. Remember that curb appeal matters… cut the grass & pull the weeds.
  5. Have a showing plan… a short list of to do items
  6. Exceptional photos… remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  7. Pricing is KEY – do your market research & have a realistic target in mind.


If you would like us to come take a look at your home before you list it, let us know!  

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