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Concrete Repair: Crack Stitching

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Cracks in Your Concrete?

Often, we get calls from Arizona Homeowners that advise cracks in the floor were discovered when replacing flooring or during another home improvement project.  Often, these cracks may be alarming, both in width & length.

Fortunately, Arizona Foundation Solutions has a crack stitching method that will not only repair cracks in concrete slabs, but also comes with a warranty.

Why replace cracked concrete when you can repair it?


Save time AND money!


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Repair Your Cracked Foundation Or Concrete With Stitching Using Carbon Fiber

Are foundation problems causing cracks in your floor? Whether they are caused by foundation heave or settlement, by utilizing the incredible strengthening properties of Glass, Kevlar, and Carbon Composites, we can provide a cost-effective foundation repair solution for your concrete cracks.

Carbon fiber has been used in everything from the Space Shuttle to the Boeing 777 Dreamliners. These materials have made their way into mainstream construction and are creating numerous benefits including foundation crack repair and much more!

By utilizing pre-cured carbon fiber stitching systems used to bridge shear forces, we can repair cracks in foundations and floor slabs. The systems are installed at a fraction of the cost of traditional steel dowels and with less heavy equipment and disruption to the homeowner. 

Arizona Foundation Solutions has become certified applicators for HJ3 Composites and is the preferred applicator for the Arizona Statewide Region of Arizona. 

HJ3 is one of the world leading authorities on the use of these materials in the construction environment.

We cut stitches into your cracked foundation's concrete, drop carbon fiber laminates into the cuts and adhere with low viscosity polyurea. This system is stronger, faster and more cost-effective than the more traditional embedment of rebar dowels into the concrete. Crack Stitching is a reliable way to repair concrete & foundation cracks running along your floor.