Soil Stabilization

What is Compaction Grouting?

Compaction GroutingCompaction grouting is a type of pressure grouting that becomes more dense and compacts soils in need of stabilization.  It is most effective in stabilizing non point load bearing structures such as swimming pools or flat pads and pavements (interior floor pad). It can be performed either top down or bottom up.

In order for this type of repair to be effective, deep soil testing must be done by a competent soils testing engineer. An effective grouting plan can then be designed that will take into effect the various layers of soil and their densities to avoid injecting on top of loose soil. Pressure Grout injection in the wrong place can actually exacerbate the problem, by adding weight on top of the incompetent soil.

We have successfully grouted pavements, building slabs, bridge approach slabs, house floors, pools and other similar types of infrastructures. Our crew is experienced, hard working, and careful. As you run into soil problems of any type, please call and challenge us to bring you the right solution to each problem providing durable soil stabilization.

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