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The Secret Sauce of AZFS Engineering.. the 6th Why

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The last two advantages of a 3-call close are up from service revenue and marketing advantages.

The up-front service revenue advantages are admittedly more advantageous for the contractor. It helps grow the company by providing working capital to pay for marketing and investments in buildings and equipment to grow the company. Contractors usually are constantly behind the 8th ball as they grow their company, always being owed money and having to front growth from financing, leaving them leveraged and vulnerable. This helps turn all this around.

The customer gets the benefit of all the advantages discussed in the previous blogs. The contractor gets the advantage of service revenue to grow the company. It seems like it is advantageous for both. The homeowner receives a fair unbiased assessment for a fair price. They are not beholden to anyone and owe no debt to anyone for doing “free service.” Intuitively they know this and, as a result, have a more honest and genuine relationship with the consultants representing the company.

Because of all the advantages listed in all the previous blogs, the contractor that engages in the 3-call close with unbiased upfront engineering assessments and all the advantages for homeowners has the added advantage of being perceived by the community as someone looking out for them. The white hat and a clear distinction from others who don’t look out for the customer.

In marketing, they teach you to have a clear, unique distinction from your competitors. Almost everybody tries to do this in one way or another. Some do it better than others. Some have distinctions that are substantive innovations, others more gimmicks and some don’t even try. This distinction offers a tangible way to communicate your desire to do the right thing for homeowners and back it up with a tangible genuine advantage for them.

This distinction can easily be communicated in all the normal marketing channels if needed; however, this powerful distinction will speak loudly all by itself. Proper honest communication on an easily searched website will enable seekers who want these benefits to seeking out those offering them.