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Concrete repair vs. foundation repair: What is the difference?

It may be hard, or maybe even feel impossible, to notice when it's necessary to call a foundation repair expert if you don't know what to look for. Oftentimes homeowners may wait until the signs of foundation stress get too obvious, which can add stress to your pocket... and nobody wants that

Foundation inspectors should be ready to spot and diagnose foundation problems by providing the following steps for a long-lasting foundation solution; that is why it is important to trust contractors with many years of experience where all the steps and prices of the process are clear and understandable. Here at Arizona Foundation Solutions, that is not a problem at all! Our home heroes are able to repair foundations and even cosmetic cracks on the concrete slab or driveway while providing the best possible experience.


We'll cover the ins and outs of concrete repair and foundation repair, how they're similar, as well as how they differ. With this knowledge, you'll have a better understanding of what foundation and concrete problems are typical, what their causes are, and what you can do to fix these problems.

We want you to be able to make an educated decision on what is going to be best for you and the longevity of your home. 

Let's dive in.


What is concrete repair?

Concrete repair is a method Arizona Foundation Solutions (AZFS) implements in different circumstances where they can bond the two ends of a concrete slab back together, raise sunken concrete slabs, or even completely remove the corrosion from a stem wall forever. Each method is unique and efficient, which allows homeowners to have the option to repair their concrete problems by spending less than actually pouring new concrete and using that little extra money on something else.


Often times we'll see concrete repairs unexpectedly needed during remodeling. For example, the owners might have been wanting to install new flooring, but they might be waiting on their concrete slabs to get lifted and the cracks to get sealed.

4 Common Causes of Concrete Problems

  1. The causes of concrete problems might be plenty, but there are a few we see more often than others. In the case of concrete cracks, this might occur when there is a foundation heave because the expansive soil got too much exposure to water which caused the soil to expand and crack the concrete slab. As mentioned in the previous example, there are several more reasons for different foundation problems that might require to take action soon.


  2. On the other hand, maybe the floor started sinking because of a foundation settlement problem after the expansive soil (Clay) did not get enough exposure to moisture and began shrinking because of the lack of moisture and the weight of the house’s foundation, which let the concrete slabs to get cracked.


 3. As mentioned before, foundation settlement issues make the concrete slabs crack, but there is something else this causes. Unlevel concrete floor is a big deal not only for houses but even for buildings because unlevel floors might force structural dysfunction leading to more cracks, less market value for the property, and more expenses if the foundation problem does not get fixed soon enough. 


 4. Last but not least, the concrete problem is concrete stem wall failure and this time, blaming expansive soil is not an option since the main factors are water, metals, and corrosion. Basically, when the concrete stem wall gets overexposed to water, the PH of the concrete changes, causing it to become acidic.


When the concrete becomes acidic, it starts damaging the rebar and other metal components on the way, causing them to oxidize as well. The major problem of this corrosion issue is the stem wall will get destroyed from the inside out, and it will go from flaking paint to concrete crack and even to spalling concrete.


Types of concrete repair services 


After years of experience, learning, and innovation, foundation repair methods and techniques have changed and evolved. The following three foundation repair methods are the most efficient, beneficial, and long-lasting.


Concrete Crack Repair

For concrete cracks on the floor, driveway, or even right in a pool’s deck, AZFS has crack stitching repair. This involves a variety of steps to properly seal the two or more ends of the concrete slab and make it functional and look as new as before.

Concrete Crack in the Rain 1

Unleveled & Sunken Concrete

For sunken concrete caused by foundation settlement problems, one of the most efficient ways to lift & level is by using PolyLevel. Poly is a foam material that expands and gets solidified by pushing the concrete slabs back to their original position in the process. 


The foam material takes up to 15 minutes to fully expand and solidify, which is why our concrete repair experts pay close attention to their surroundings when it comes to the concrete slab raising. In most cases, when the concrete slab is rising, it starts to make crack noises which confirm the movement.


Stem Wall Repair

For last, NeveRust is the major corrosion protector for all concrete stem walls since its anti-rust components, and unique installation technique prevents the stem wall from producing corrosion ever again by replacing every main element and adding an anti-rust material to protect the whale stem wall.

What is foundation repair?


A foundation repair is different from a concrete repair since concrete repairs are more cosmetic, and foundation repairs are more structural and complex. Even though the causes of the problem might be the same or similar, the approach for each solution is very different from concrete repair solutions.

Top 3 Causes of foundation problems

Foundation Heave

Foundation Heave issues occur when the house gets built over expansive soil such as clay. Expansive soil changes its volume based on water exposure, among other factors, such as the weight of the house, location, and even weather. When the soil gets too much water exposure, the soil expands and makes the concrete floor eventually crack because of the foundation heave problem.


Foundation Settlement

On the other hand, foundation settlement problems happen when the expansive soil does not get enough water exposure. Thus, causing the soil to shrink and making the concrete slab start sinking and cracking along the way.


Foundation Heave and Settlement

In some cases, Homeowners can even be struggling with a combination of the two foundation problems. A room of the house be might sinking because of a foundation settlement problem, and maybe the living room or the kitchen is facing a heave issue. With this complexity, you'll want to make sure to weigh your options and speak to an expert. At AZFS, we offer types of foundation repair services, and our on-staff engineers are here to customize the best fit solution for you and your home.


Types of foundation repair services 

MoistureLevel® Smart Foundation System

MoistureLevel primarily attacks foundation heave issues, and as secondary, it eliminates the poisonous radon gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US. 


MoistureLevel evaporates the moisture in the soil beneath the house’s foundation with the help of a moisture vacuum and other elements. The vacuum pulls all the moisture particles out of the soil to the house's exterior, causing the foundation heave problem to disappear.


Underpinning is the most complex system of all since it requires a longer time frame for topographic analysis. When underpinning, there are two types of piers, and each pier has a different purpose. Helical piers perform better when sustaining and supporting light structures that might get flopped because of air pressure, but they do not perform well in rocky soils due to their helices.


On the other hand, push piers can go through rocky soils and are easier to predrill, which is something AZFS cannot do with helical piers. Underpinning helps houses and buildings to lift their foundation back to their original position.


How do I know what type of repair services I need?

You might be feeling helpless or even anxious since a foundation problem is not something you can see immediately, but only when it's too late. Now that you have read the different types of foundation problems along with their most efficient solution, you will be able to determine what to do and even when to take action. Here is Arizona Foundation Solutions (AZFS), we can provide you with the best and with what you need, no more, no less. Keep your peace of mind, and let us handle your home’s foundation! Click here to learn more

If you want to learn more about foundation problems, check out this video!


Confronting a foundation problem will never look easy, but with the right help, everything will fall into place. If you would like to learn more about the process of each project solution, visit,; if you have any specific questions or would like to schedule a FREE initial appointment, give us a call at 602-470-1311.