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Helical Pile Tips : Introducing new patent pending helical tip


This Exciting Change Will Make Driving Piles a Bit Easier

We are pleased and excited to announce that the Foundation Protection League and I have developed a new tip for piles that help with a common problem we have had here in Arizona soils. Getting piles past shallow cemented and or other surficial hard soils to reach required minimum depth will be made a bit easier with this foundation repair innovation.  Supportworks and I have applied for a patent as co-inventors of this foundation repair solution and look forward to watching this new innovation take root within the Foundation Repair Industry.

Foundation Repair Innovation...  we love it!

This exciting change will make driving piles (also known as foundation underpinning) a bit easier, especially here in the Sonoran Desert. While there will likely be occasions where the soil beneath the structure requires predrilling, this change may even make the installation foundation support piers thread into the ground a bit better!

We love Foundation Repair Innovation so much that this isn't our only brush with innovating the repair industry.  In addition to this patented item, David Deathrage (Senior Geotechnical Engineer and owner of Copper State Engineering) and I have also developed The Moisture Level Smart Foundation System to remediate foundation heave.  Whether the issue is foundation settlement or foundation heave, here at Arizona Foundation Solutions, we have the tools available to address the foundation problem. In addition to cutting edge foundation repair solutions, we're so confident of our work, we will warranty it.

Enough about us... check out the video below from Supportworks' own Director of Engineering, Jeff Kortan, for more information on the helical pile with the spiral cut lead tip!


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