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This JUST in: League of Superheroes in Arizona Protecting Homeowners from Foundation Problems!

Foundation Protection LeagueFor many years now, Arizona Foundation Solutions has been protecting Arizonan Homeowners with transparent, engineered solutions.  Our team truly is an amazing league of superheroes who go out every day and  overcome many obstacles both physical and psychological to make Arizona homeowners lives better.

Every member of our league contributes in unique ways in every department. I have taken it upon me to lead this team of superheroes as Captain Arizona…. The Vision Meister. My talents lie in being able to visualize solutions to difficult challenges, inventing, collaborating and leading, seeing the possible future, and people’s potential in making a difference for Arizona’s Homeowners.

Our Marketing Department is run by Jessica La Flesch…..aka J-Bolt.  J-Bolt is able to harness the power of lightening in battle or in a long line at Starbucks. J-Bolt is assertive, brave, confident, self-defined & selfless.  As a member of the Foundation Protection League, she takes immense pride in her role of helping protect Arizona’s Homeowners from the unscrupulous salespeople that plague the contracting industry!  J-Bolt uses the material created by Captain Arizona to educate Arizona’s Homeowners and thereby empowering them.  Her primary responsibility at AZFS is to make sure we are attracting, and helping, as many Arizona Homeowners as we can!

Our Customer service department is headed by Alexis Chatman……akaFlexi Lexi. Lexi had the ability to sense the overall well-being & conditions of ones immediate environment, stretch & expand, adaptation, durability, accelerated healing factor and to absorb one form of energy (negative) & convert it into another form of energy (positive) while shooting concussive energy from my hands. 

Our Residential consultants are headed by Ryan Tracey…..aka The Professor. As The Professor. his super power is to teach our team of “Property Protectors” how to help Homeowners get the information they need to achieve their specific goals for their home.  It is important to us that we protect homeowners from bad advice, being misinformed and from spending their hard earned money on improper or unneeded repairs!  While I have been in this world for several years, we still count on bringing in other experts and engineers to teach the “Property Protectors” how to properly diagnose foundation problems and to recognize when more information is needed to make sure we do the right thing.  Our success begins and ends with the happiness of our customers.  Nothing will stop us from continuing to advance our education in foundation repair and spreading the knowledge to our community!

Our Engineering Department is headed by Mike Miller……aka Dr. Strangehouse. He can create multiple copies of himself to be in different places at different times, and he is incredibly good at diagnosing problems and seeing things from different angles.

Dr Heavel

Our Field services Department is headed by Terry Henry…aka Iron Star. Iron Star meticulously defends the needy against mischief. Iron Star has the power to teleport from problem to problem. He uses his iron throwing stars to put out the fires that arise. Iron Star can handle anything that comes up, he has the power to regenerate without slowing down. With his fiery suit he is immune to all the fires that he incurs.  Iron Star will work till the job is done and has more energy than is needed.

Our accounting Department is headed by Lynn Redondo……aka Gemini Star.  She is relentless in her quest to ensure all billing is accurate and understandable.  As with most super heroes , her quest is peace.  This requires the ability to mutate with surroundings and personalities.  Keep  a 360 view of the job done and collect the correct remittances, all with grace and at times my velvet hammer.

Our HR department is headed by Mindy Hall….aka Mighty Mindy.  She is  telepathic, resolute, purposeful, empathetic & super positive!  Her helpful & committed nature helps AZFS achieve new milestones. hHer ability to calm those around here simply by walking into a room is the thing legends are made of.

Together,  we are determined and laser focused on caring for and protecting Arizona Homeowners from Dr. Heaval and his sidekick, Slippery Settlement. Join the thousands of Arizona Homeowners in seeking protection with this dedicated and fiercely helpful team!

We are here (no Bat Signal required), you need only call (602) 470-1311.

Captain Arizona