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Arizona's Premier Foundation Repair Contractor

Arizona Foundation Solutions Vindicated in BTR Investigation

"Our competition is clearly frustrated with our ability to produce quality reports with a cost model that cannot be duplicated anywhere."

- Bob Brown

Several months ago, a local engineer filed a.

Cognitive Biases: Confirmation Bias

Cognitive Biases: that Interfere with Foundation Inspection Analysis: Confirmation Bias

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed how humans have developed heuristic mental shortcuts that often lead to.

Impartial, Objective & Evidence-Based Foundation Inspection

At the first sign of a foundation problem (click HERE to see what the symptoms of a foundation problem look like), Homeowners should demand an impartial, objective, evidence-based foundation.

Finalist for BBB Torch Award for Ethics - 2017

For many years, we have worked tirelessly to wow our customers, to be transparent and fair in our recommendations putting the customer first.

Is your Foundation Inspector the Fox Guarding the Hen House?

Carl Sagan wrote some excellent rules for the fine art of baloney detection.  Among others the facts should be independently verified, and the need to examine the motivations of those making.

Rules of Thumb part VIII: Interpreting Signs of Foundation Stress

When people call in to our office, it is typically because of signs of stress that they notice. It is important to remember that the signs of stress are less of a problem in and of themselves, but.

Foundation Protection League of Arizona

This JUST in: League of Superheroes in Arizona Protecting Homeowners from Foundation Problems!

Guarding Against Bogus Claims in Foundation Repair

The Dirty Little Secret of the Foundation Repair Industry

When a Homeowner calls out a foundation repair company to “get a free estimate”, it is a little known fact that many times the foundation repair contractor misdiagnoses the problem and the.

Sham Investigations Part II: More smoke and mirrors

As more homeowners are starting to realize the advantages of having a foundation inspection that is scientific, objective, and thorough, using industry standards, and engineering oversight, the.

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