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Guarding Against Bogus Claims in Foundation Repair


I have recently heard some whoppers that customers tell me they received from other foundation repair salesmen. Some of those are:

  •  “If you let me repair the crack in your stem wall, this will stop water from getting into your foundation and stop settlement”
  •  “if you don’t repair your foundation, your house may collapse”
  •  “In order to understand the condition of your foundation, a full soil boring and lab analysis are required.”
  •  “Masonry will not crack because it runs its own course” (?)
  •  “Floor level surveys don’t tell what is happening with the foundation…. only the floor since they are not physically attached to each other”

I can and will (not on today’s blog) talk about these. The fundamental problem here is that we have sales people making claims that are:

 Which Way is My Foundation Moving? by Bob Brown, owner of Arizona Foundation SolutionsNot properly educated:

    • Typically the only education they receive is from the sole source supplier of one of their products.
    • These claims can be made knowing that no one is holding them accountable. Unlike Professional engineers, who have oversight from the Board of Technical Registration, foundation sales people have no governing ethics bodies holding them accountable.
    • Because the person making these claims is being paid on a commission basis, there are direct conflicts of interest between the homeowner and the salesperson.
  • Made without proper oversight
    • There typically is little or no written statements that can be verified or vetted either beforehand by a professional engineer or verified and tested as facts later.

Any claims made must be in writing if they are to be credible.  They should be reviewed by a professional engineer for accuracy before being made. Once in writing they can be checked out and verified. Without this there is no ability to fact check anything…. as there is:

  • No proof of the claim being made
  • No accuracy in correctly remembering the claim.

The next time someone shows up on your doorstep telling you things…… remember that nothing counts unless it is in writing and reviewed by a professional engineer. 

Demand nothing less.

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