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Is your Foundation Inspector the Fox Guarding the Hen House?

Fox HenhouseCarl Sagan wrote some excellent rules for the fine art of baloney detection.  Among others the facts should be independently verified, and the need to examine the motivations of those making claims.

Most foundation repair companies when called will send out a helical pier salesman who gets paid a percentage of what he diagnoses and sells. So if he wants to “play it safe” he will “err on the side of conservatism “, lining his pocket in the process. What if the problem calls for something he does not sell? Well….. get ready for square pegs in round holes!

How would you feel if after seeing your Doctor you found out that he really wasn’t an MD but rather a pharmaceutical representative? Especially if every his answer to every problem was one brand of pills.

What are the motivations of your inspector? If he is getting a percentage of what he diagnoses, he might need to make a big sale to keep his manager off of his back. He might need to pay for his kids braces. He might be on roll for making big sales and wants to continue it.

Does this have anything to do with what the actual house conditions really are? Should any of those factors have any influence on what the problem actually is, how bad it is, how big the area is and what the solutions actually need to be?

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