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The Hardest Job of My Life


This week we will be finishing up one of the most challenging jobs that I’ve had in my career. Challenging on several levels, physically, mentally, financially, and logistically.


Pic 1
Topo of the floor elevation


In 2004 I pioneered the concept of lowering houses that sit on post-tension slabs that were heaved up from expansive soils. This process consists of underpinning the high areas on the perimeter with helical piers to hold it in place. Then using a variety of excavation techniques such as air knives and vacuum excavation we remove the soil and lower it leaving a gap for future heave.


Pic 2

Schematic of the work plan on this particular house.


The Yellow areas are grout socks. Tubular fabric filled with concrete. The edges are sealed with cement board and 20 mill plastic sheeting. Once it is sealed up the dry conditions are maintained by the MoistureLevel sub slab depressurization system. The dark blue areas are left open to absorb any future heave.

 Pic 3                    Pic 4


We were on this job for almost 4 months….. why so long? Stay tuned for the next part of the story.