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Supportworks receives UES Evaluation Report 691

SupportworksIn an earlier post I discussed the problems with using ICC Acceptance Criteria 358 for helical piles in residential retrofit applications. The problems are numerous resulting in an industry wide disconnect between engineering and field installations.

The Engineers at Supportworks have worked very hard in first taking the existing IAPMO Acceptance Criteria and helping IAPMO to make them more universally applicable. Then they were able to submit their test results of their 288 helical pile system and received approval of for it to be used in conjunction EC 027 for residential retrofit applications.

Basically following IRC philosophy of minimized jobsite specific engineering, and then compensating with increased safety factors. Accordingly without site specific borings, the safety factors are increased from 2.0 to 2.5.

I have long pushed for the industry to recognize the need for this… and it has finally happened! Congratulations to Supportworks and their Engineering Team for putting effort into making this happen. The industry is now much healthier. Installers now no longer have to ignore the instructions on their own product engineering reports.