Radon Is Deadly

EPA: A Citizens Guide to RadonTesting your Home for Radon Protects your Family

In the least few decades, the dangers of radon have become apparent.  In 1988, The Environmental Protection Agency classified radon as a carcinogen.  Despite this, a majority of Homeowners are still unaware of the silent danger that may be lurking in their homes.

Knowing the radon levels in your home is the first step in protecting your family from this silent killer.


Did you know:

  • Over TWENTY THOUSAND Americans die each year from radon related cancer
  • One in fifteen homes in the United States have high radon levels
  • Long term exposure to low levels f radon is more dangerous that short term, high exposure
  • Radon poses a greater health risk to children than it does to adults
  • Learn more about the dangers of radon in the eBook 'A Citizen's Guide to Radon' (collaborative publication from the EPA and the CDC)

We offer affordable radon testing and mitigation options to Arizona Homeowners within our service area.  Give us a call to book yours.


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