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Why we switched from Ram Jack to Foundation Supportworks

Many people have asked me why after 15 years of operating under the name Arizona Ram Jack would I switch to a new brand and abandon my old name. In contemplating this, many people; including my own board members, warned me against losing all of the goodwill that I’ve built up under that name. I knew that once I switched suppliers from Ram Jack to foundation Supportworks that Ram Jack would no longer let me use that name in conjunction with my business.

In fact this was a very difficult decision that was made easier once we understood the support that was at our disposal with Foundation Supportworks. The materials that are provided for us to install are very similar and comparable. The big difference was in the amount of support that is offered. It’s hard to probably summarize all of the support but I’ll do my best:

Marketing: this is probably foundation supportworks greatest strength but certainly not their only strength. They offer complete website building and SEO that is light years ahead of anything like it. In addition they offer marketing classes and training for marketing coordinators. They have a patent pending website called My Lead Tracking that partners with media to reduce the risk of advertising and make it easier for us to partner with the media in our buys. There is a whole binder 3 inches thick with instructions for the marketing coordinator to follow including numerous videos and training webinars offered on almost a monthly basis.

Production: again they offer complete training not only in how to install the products, but also on how to interact with homeowners and organize the production yard and production trucks and software programs designed to track tools and once again a 4 inch thick binder and videos and regular webinars and in person training on a regular basis. Also programs to help with inventory management, and ordering are also offered with assistance in training to use.

Call center: again complete training binders, webinars, in person training, to maximize customers experience when they interact in calling our office.

Sales: another great one for foundation supportworks. Again manuals, webinars, in person trainings on almost in every other month basis. Software with animated graphics for salespeople to use in presenting to homeowners including on-the-fly engineering analysis software.

Office management, accounting, sales management: again manuals, webinars, in person training, and many other resources for all of these functions.

Engineering Support: they provide a complete engineering team with 6 engineers both structural and Geotechnical with software.

In addition we have access to a program called Biz Wiz. This is a CRM program on steroids. It tracks every position in the company and their key production indicators giving us an up-to-the-minute report on how each person is doing in their job. This program also schedules every activity of the company from the first call in all the way through to the last person to interact the customer and builds documents for each customer in the cloud they can be accessed by phone or computer by anyone in the company. It helps give 1st class support to every customer.

Each year an annual convention is held in Connecticut. This is a truly amazing event with thousands attending with learning opportunities and new programs rolled out every time. It is an astounding event.

These are only some of the systems programs and training support that is provided to us as dealers. Given all of these advantages I would absolutely be nuts to not take advantage of them.

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