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Why Only Get Half the Solution?

How many people trust taking their car to a company like AAMCO or another transmission repair specialist to diagnose general problems with the car? Me neither. I be afraid that every diagnosis that they came up with could be interpreted as a need for a repaired transmission. In the same respect why would you call out the foundation repair specialist to diagnose your problem if the only repair method he can offer is solutions for settlement and has nothing to offer for heave?

Half the truth in these situations is not very helpful. It’s like getting half of a baby as told in Solomon’s fable. Or as in the movie the War of the Roses, taking a chainsaw cutting all the furniture in half to split. Or getting only half a car that works. Or getting only one half of a double wide trailer to live in. Or getting insurance that works only half of the time. Or going to the dentist for a root canal finding out afterwards that he only got it done halfway.

If the average contractor or engineer has difficulty in correctly diagnosing heave versus settlement, for sure the average homeowner does not have this ability. As a homeowner you are really at the mercy of your advisors in this respect. Why would you in good conscience trust the diagnosis to someone who only has half of the solutions to offer in their tool bag? How objective will the diagnosis be?

So what happens if you ask your foundation repair contractor if they do heave? They might suggest cutoff walls or landscaping improvements. Things that are discussed in my post . These are not easily implemented for cost-effective solutions in any way. They are expensive and do very little to solve the problem, and frankly don’t make much money for the foundation repair contractor.

None of these contractors can offer the MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System that I have developed over the last 13 years. This is a simple, cost-effective system that works long-term.

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