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Why Arizona Foundation Solutions Team Members are Different


Several of our team members traveled along with me to Connecticut for the annual convention for Basement Systems/Foundations Supportworks. This is not just some industry specific educational material for new members of our team. This is a truly inspiring and thought-provoking event with worldwide recognized experts and presenters. Attendance was at over 1450 people this year.

As a former Ram Jack dealer, I attended many events put on by them over the years. To say there is no comparison is a vast understatement.

One of the presenters at this event was Lisa Earle McLeod, who is the author of a best-selling book “Selling with Noble Purpose”. This was a life changing speaker helping us remember that everything we do is about making sure our customers have a fabulous experience with us and that our purpose is to help them. More on this subject on my next blog..

Erik points out how creative thinking by all of our team members helps us provide better solutions for our customers. He doesn’t say that creativity necessarily needs to be at the expense of being rational and logical but rather as a supplement. He suggests that each of us be exposed to as many diverse points of stimuli as possible. Following that advice I am headed to Istanbul as I dictate this, where I will be experiencing that culture along with the Greek, Maltese and Italian cultures.

Our team has been exemplary in utilizing innovation to present better solutions for our customers. One such innovation, a spiral tip to the shaft of our helical piles, was adopted network-wide after being tested to show that it helps with penetration through hard soils, with no offsetting consequences. Another obvious innovation is our patented MoistureLevel system to remediate slab heave from swelling clays. There have been many innovations some of which are small little things that make us more efficient and allow us to deliver a better solution to our customers.

We have valued a culture of innovation with our team members and it has paid off for our customers. Erik reinforced the value of that culture with each of our team members who attended the event, and we are committed continue this culture of innovation to benefit our customers, because this is as Lisa points out, the central focus of what we are all about.

Each of the team members who attended the event will be compiling a list of things that they are going to do differently in their respective departments, both practical and creative, and will present that to our senior management for discussion. Be prepared for more amazement.

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