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Who's agenda are we following anyway?

Finger Pointing CartoonA goal not written down is only a wish. Every foundation contractor that comes to your house tells you that he is working in your best interests. The question is are they really?

Some of the questions to ask will help really understand to what links the foundation repair contractor will go to on behalf of the homeowner. Do they bother separating conflicts of interest between commissioned salespeople and people who do the analysis and recommendations? They go to the extra length of having an engineer review all results and recommendations? Do they bother becoming educated from other credible sources other than their single supplier? These are some of the things homeowners can use to judge to what lengths a foundation contractor will go to for homeowners.


There is a simple question and follow up in addition to that that is very important:

  • As a homeowner, are you writing down my goals what I want to accomplish with this project?
  • Are you sharing those goals with every person who will be interacting with me so that all of us can be on the same page?

Yes it is important to make sure there are no conflicts of interest in analyzing the foundation. It’s important that the people doing so have the proper education and training. It’s important to follow industry recognized procedures for the investigation. It’s equally important to have the oversight of a licensed engineer, and to use a consensus-based severity scale to judge how bad it is. It’s important to do all of those things to exercise true due diligence for the homeowner. But unless we keep homeowners desires and goals the forefront of all of our thought processes it’s of little value for the homeowner.

Even if the sales representative whose job it is to understand the homeowners desires and goals does not share that with every person that comes in contact with the homeowner including engineering team, the installation team, and even the appointment setting, all of which interact with the homeowner at some point.

In order to share those things accurately they must be written down and then distributed so that everyone is on the same page.