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The Hardest Job of My Life: Part 3

The project began in earnest at the end of May. We started as we usually do by excavating a trench around the perimeter of the area to be lowered, followed by installing helical piles. This work took several weeks and at that point nothing unusual was really understood.

Pic 1-1     Pic 1-1

David Ortiz excavating the trench around the perimeter


 Pic 3-1      Pic 4-1

Installation of the perimeter helical piles

The next step was to begin the under excavation. The initial under excavation is usually done mechanically with the excavator, chipping hammers shovels and elbow grease. This was a little more difficult than usual, however it was at the time not fully appreciated.

Pic 5      Pic 6

Initial under excavation with mechanical means

Once the initial under excavation was completed with mechanical means, we initiated the deeper under excavation using compressed air and trailer/truck mounted vacuums to extract the soil. Again at first this was difficult but not fully appreciated. As we got further underneath the excavation process slowed down considerably.

Stay tuned for the next installment on this project!