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The Foundation Protection League & Our Homeowner Heroes

Foundation Protection League Bob BrownOn September 7th, AZFS Homeowner Heroes gathered at SunSplash to celebrate the end of summer & strengthen the fellowship of the Foundation Protection League.

In attendance were young and old, all different ethnicities, team members and supporting families, and even from other companies all part of our supporting league. What we all shared was our common values of getting a genuine high in making customers lives better, of knowing our stuff, of being “Humbry” (humble and hungry), finding a way to yes, and embodying a continual desire to learn and improve.

It is often said, that birds of a feather flock together. You could surely see it in this crowd.

As I looked over these homeowner heroes of several hundred people, I saw the hopes, concerns, the dreams and the desires of the league that embodied these important values that bind us all together. We laughed and played, ate and visited. I heard stories told, both personal and professional and I felt the league become stronger as a result of this fellowship. Many members of the league work away from our office much of the time and don’t have much interaction with the rest of the team. This was a great opportunity to rekindle those relationships and help us all reinforce all of our values and determination bring or shared dream to the world.

We all laughed at the battle between Captain Arizona and the Dark Crack Lord and watched his defeat at the hand of the Mighty MoistureLevel. We honored outstanding Heroes and a surprise honor given to me as the leader by our employees. This was totally unexpected and I was deeply touched that our team took the time and effort build this special award for me.

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