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Arizona's Premier Foundation Repair Contractor

Impartial, Objective & Evidence-Based Foundation Inspection

At the first sign of a foundation problem (click HERE to see what the symptoms of a foundation problem look like), Homeowners should demand an impartial, objective, evidence-based foundation.

How to Tell if You’re Getting a Real or Fake Foundation Inspection

Foundation repair can be a confusing enigma. You often get totally different approaches that arrive very different solutions!

Rules of Thumb for Diagnosing Foundation Failure part V: The Truth About PT

In my last blog, I discussed how a conventional foundation system is affected by the various forces. In this blog I will discuss Post Tensioned foundation systems and the potential for foundation.

Rules of Thumb for Diagnosing Foundation Problems Part IV: Foundation Types

What type of Foundation do you have?  The type of foundation plays a significant role in helping determine heave vs. settlement. There are three common types of foundations:


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