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Stem Wall Repair Basics & Best Practices


The Truth About Post Tensioned Foundations

Rules of Thumb for Diagnosing Foundation Failure part V: The Truth About PT

In previous blogs, we've discussed how a conventional foundation system is affected by the various forces.  Now, let's.

Foundation Types

Rules of Thumb for Diagnosing Foundation Problems Part IV: Foundation Types

What type of Foundation do you have?  The type of foundation plays a significant role in helping determine heave vs..

The Hardest Job of My Life: Part 7 - The Conclusion

"After many months of very hard work the project was completed. This was a marathon of work. Hard physical work..."

- Bob Brown

Finally all of the areas of the house that we were hired to level.

The Hardest Job of My Life


The MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System Technology

We have previously discussed the problems facing the foundation repair industry and a potential solution to those problems with my MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System.  How did The MoistureLevel.

MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System For Expansive Soils

Expansive Clay Soil Contributes to Foundation Heave Problems

In my last few blogs I pointed out how a majority of homes and commercial properties in arid climates get misdiagnosed, and that the.

Evidence of MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System Performance

Arizona Foundation Repair™ Experts

It has been 19 months since our systems install have begun (excluding our experimental work in 2003) and we have now over 180 installs to date. That is quite the.

Pool Repair and Soil Remediation

Pool Repair and Soil Remediation achieved by Pressure Grouting In Arizona

We were a key component of a difficult pool repair. An indoor swimming pool settled, broke some lines and was.
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