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Arizona's Premier Foundation Repair Contractor

Helical Pile Tips : Introducing new patent pending helical tip

I am excited to announce that my team and I have developed a new tip for piles that help with a common problem we have had here in Arizona soils. Getting piles past shallow cemented and or other.

Is your Foundation Inspector the Fox Guarding the Hen House?

Carl Sagan wrote some excellent rules for the fine art of baloney detection.  Among others the facts should be independently verified, and the need to examine the motivations of those making.

Foundation Problem part 2

Arizona Home on the Edge Part 2 – Technical Design Solutions


Retaining Wall and Home Stabilization

Foundation Repair: Arizona Home on the Edge Part 3 – Challenges

Retaining Wall and Home Stabilization

Foundation Repairs: Arizona Home on the Edge Part 5 – Results

With this Arizona hillside home, the foundation repairs were complex and challenging. This story starts with construction errors discovered in Part 1, and involved geotechnical and structural.

Foundation Repair – How much should it cost?


So you have come to the conclusion that you probably do have a foundation problem. You now just want to know how much this foundation problem is going to cost. The answer to that is, it depends..

Foundation Repair Basics

Be very careful of a contractor who wants to suggest an expensive structural foundation repair with just a visual inspection.

We are often asked...

"Do I need to have the foundation of my home.

Guarding Against Bogus Claims in Foundation Repair

A Call for Discussion on Foundation Investigation Standards

Having Foundation Investigation Standards is Crucial.

One of the groups that I have participated with in the past is the Foundation Performance Association. This is an independent engineering.

The Dirty Little Secret of the Foundation Repair Industry

When a Homeowner calls out a foundation repair company to “get a free estimate”, it is a little known fact that many times the foundation repair contractor misdiagnoses the problem and the.

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