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Arizona's Premier Foundation Repair Contractor

International Building Code vs International Residential Code

There are 2 codes primarily followed by most code officials. The International Building Code (IBC) is the main code used for most construction. Although latitude is given to the engineer of record.

Real or Fake Foundation Inspection?

Foundation repair can be a confusing enigma. You often get totally different approaches that arrive very different solutions!

Repairing a Previous Stem Wall Repair

A couple of weeks ago, we were called by the largest structural engineering firm in Phoenix to help a homeowner who had previous repairs on the stem wall of their house. Repairs were done less.

Foundation Repair: Salesperson vs. Engineers

Foundation Repair Who Knows BEST: Self Proclaimed 'Experts' vs Licensed, Professional Engineers?

I have, on occasion, discussed with our customers who have been the victims of overconfident.

ABC15 Home Pro - Foundation Repair & Concrete Repair

Arizona's Foundation Repair & Concrete Repair Experts

Foundation #ShiftHappens... but we can fix it!

Why the Drywall Crack Keeps Coming Back

In perusing the comments that I see regularly on the Internet, I am always amazed that people are still wondering why after they patch a crack it keeps returning. I see people’s frustrated.

Historic Prescott Courthouse Restoration

Does Your Foundation Floor Slab Have Heave?

Trip Hazards

Have you ever had a tenant call about ‘trip hazards’ in their floor slab? Or has a tenant called you about ‘stuck’ doors that won’t open, or windows that are out of level? In most.

How Bad is My Foundation Movement?

As a homeowner you’re being told that your foundation is moving and needs stabilizing. Your first question is……How bad is my foundation movement? For most homeowners the answer to this question is.

Don't Gamble with Your Largest Investment

Your home is your castle. It is no secret that most people’s largest investment is their home. Even if it’s not….. why would you unknowingly play smoke and mirror games with contractors in your.

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