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Arizona's Premier Foundation Repair Contractor

Real Estate Tips: Home Buyers Beware

I hear constantly from recent home-buyers a story that seems to be a reoccurring theme for us. That is, new home-buyer buys home, and six months to 12 months later starts to notice cracks in walls.

A Call for Discussion on Foundation Investigation Standards

One of the groups that I have participated with in the past is the Foundation Performance Association. This is an independent engineering group based in Houston Texas. This is an extremely active.

The Age of the Structure

Rules of Thumb in Diagnosing Foundation Problems part VII: The Age of the Structure

How old is the structure? There is a lot more to this question than meets the eye…

Thermal Set Plastic Coating versus Galvanization

As an installer of two different underpinning systems, I have firsthand knowledge of both thermal set plastic coated and galvanized piers. I have been a part of the debate between the two.

Sham Investigations Part II: More smoke and mirrors

As more homeowners are starting to realize the advantages of having a foundation inspection that is scientific, objective, and thorough, using industry standards, and engineering oversight, the.

The Truth About Post Tensioned Foundations

Rules of Thumb for Diagnosing Foundation Failure part V: The Truth About PT

In my last blog, I discussed how a conventional foundation system is affected by the various forces. In this blog I will.

Foundation Movement : How to judge severity

How Bad is My Foundation Movement?

As a homeowner you’re being told that your foundation is moving and needs stabilizing. Your first question is……How bad is my foundation movement? For most.

Are Foundation Repair Contractors Regulated?

What is the proper oversight?

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