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Arizona's Premier Foundation Repair Contractor

Impartial, Objective & Evidence-Based Foundation Inspection

At the first sign of a foundation problem (click HERE to see what the symptoms of a foundation problem look like), Homeowners should demand an impartial, objective, evidence-based foundation.

On Site, Immediate Evaluations


Common Myths & Misconceptions About Foundation Problems

I often hear people make statements about foundation movement that are not rooted in the reality of soil mechanics. Statements such as:

Arizona Home on the Edge: Part 1 – Construction Errors

Residential Retaining Wall and Home Stabilization

Speaking Engagements

I am excited to announce that I have been confirmed as a speaker at the National Foundation Repair Association annual convention in April of next year to discuss methods of foundation.

Recap of the Need for Heave Mitigation

I’d like to give a quick summary of where we are at with the last few blogs...

Are you sick of mudslinging?

When you call your local foundation repair contractor out to discuss your foundation problems, does he spend the majority of his time helping you understand what they have to offer for you? Does.

Shooting From the Hip on Foundation Analysis

Over the last 20 years I have spoken with hundreds of geotechnical and structural engineers about proper practices for a foundation investigation. I have asked the question if they would be.

Welcome ABC 15 Fans!

Welcome ABC 15 Fans

Foundation #ShiftHappens... but we can fix it!

Rules of Thumb: Diagnosing Foundation Problems part III



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