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Arizona's Premier Foundation Repair Contractor

Foundation Repair: Doing Things Right vs. Doing the Right Things

You are about to buy a home that has had foundation repairs recently. Is it Ok to buy? It depends. It depends on whether things were done right; more importantly, it depends on whether the right.

If The Only Tool They Have is a Hammer, Then All Their Problems Start Looking Like Nails

You may have heard this saying from me before and wondered just exactly what I mean by it. Have you ever been to one of those chiropractors who claim they can fix just about any illness with.

Does Your Building Have Settlement Issues?

As a building owner or owner’s representative it’s often difficult to tell if you have a foundation problem. Let’s assume that while on a property walk, you notice multiple cracks forming along an.

Rules of Thumb for Diagnosing Foundation Problems: Part X

In previous blogs, I discussed physical signs of stress and usually what they point to. The main tool used in diagnosing foundation problems is the floor level survey and its derivation the.

Are you getting a sham investigation?

You have concerns about your foundation….If you call an inspector to come out, how do you know if you are going to receive something of real practical value…. or not?

Foundation Repair – Do I need to have the foundation of my home repaired?

Is it good enough to have a contractor do a visual inspection or do I need to have a more thorough inspection performed? Do I have an expansive soil problem or do I have a settlement problem?

A Call for Discussion on Foundation Investigation Standards

One of the groups that I have participated with in the past is the Foundation Performance Association. This is an independent engineering group based in Houston Texas. This is an extremely active.

The Dirty Little Secret of the Foundation Repair Industry

When a Home owner calls out a foundation repair company to “get a free estimate” it is a little known fact that many times the foundation repair contractor gives an estimate for repairs when often.

Rules of Thumb in Diagnosing Foundation Problems part VII: The Age of the Structure

How old is the structure? There is a lot more to this question than meets the eye…

Stem Wall Repair Basics & Best Practices


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