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Arizona's Premier Foundation Repair Contractor

How to Make Sure Home Buyers Have Good Info When Buying

We hear the story over and over again. Young couple moves into a new (used) home, excited and eager to begin a new life. Within a year the home begins to show signs of foundation or floor.

How to Tell if You’re Getting a Real or Fake Foundation Investigation

Foundation repair can be a confusing enigma. You often get totally different approaches that arrive very different solutions!

Shooting From the Hip on Foundation Analysis

Over the last 20 years I have spoken with hundreds of geotechnical and structural engineers about proper practices for a foundation investigation. I have asked the question if they would be.

What Should be Included in a Foundation Investigation?

It seems that everyone seems to have a different opinion of how to conduct a foundation investigation. I have been a member of two different foundation repair networks (both Ram Jack and.

Rules of Thumb: Diagnosing Foundation Problems Part II

Understanding Site Soil Conditions

Is your Foundation Inspector the Fox Guarding the Hen House?

Carl Sagan wrote some excellent rules for the fine art of baloney detection.  Among others the facts should be independently verified, and the need to examine the motivations of those making.

Part II: How I Got to Where I Am Now…..& Where We Are Headed Next!

In part one of this blog I gave the history of how I started with very humble means in college and built the company to what it is today. There certainly were some tips, bumps, highs and lows.

Foundation Repairs: Arizona Home on the Edge Part 5 – Results

With this Arizona hillside home, the foundation repairs were complex and challenging. This story starts with construction errors discovered in Part 1, and involved geotechnical and structural.

Adaptive Reuse and Brownfield Development with Helical Technology

One of the many challenges and opportunities in today’s market is to make use of infill properties and reuse of existing structures. These kinds of projects, with many challenges including soil.

Foundation Repair – How much should it cost?

So you have come to the conclusion that you probably do have a foundation problem. You now just want to know how much this foundation problem is going to cost. The answer to that is, it depends..

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