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Arizona's Premier Foundation Repair Contractor

MoistureLevel Addresses Foundation Heave

Scientific Evidence Supports the  Efficacy of the MoistureLevel Systems

Over the last 5 years, we have installed over 1000 MoistureLevel Smart Foundation Systems. On every install we offer a 12.

Mistakes: Life’s Opportunities to Grow & Learn (part 5)

"Sometimes it takes getting hit between the eyes with a two by four to realize when we need to learn something!”

- Bob Brown, Foundation Repair Expert & Arizona Foundation Solutions Owner

Heave Protection for Foundations

Heave Protection for Foundations: Recap of the Need for Heave Mitigation

I’d like to give a quick summary of where we are at with the last few blogs...

Rules of Thumb: Diagnosing Foundation Problems part XI

In my last blog, we discussed basic patterns that can help identify foundation heave or settlement. I noted that since the elevations are only relative to each other, more data is needed in.

Why Only Get Half the Solution?

One Size Fixes All Foundation Repair Solutions Are not a Thing

How many people trust taking their car to a company like AAMCO or another transmission repair specialist to diagnose general problems.

Rules of Thumb Part IX: Signs of Stress

In my last blog, I discussed how to interpret signs of stress for settlement or heave. In particular walls doors and windows. Continuing in that line of thinking, I would like to highlight a few.

Foundation Movement : How to judge severity

How Bad is My Foundation Movement?

As a homeowner you’re being told that your foundation is moving and needs stabilizing. Your first question is……How bad is my foundation movement? For most.

The Hardest Job of My life: Part 6

Leaving the jobsite and returning to Phoenix leaving clear instructions on what was to be done, I felt good about our ability to finish up. After a few days of work by our crews, we again took.

The Hardest Job of My Life: Part 5

In an effort to reach the middle of the slab that was surrounded by grade beams we embarked on excavating a 3 deep tunnel from the west side. From there we could access the area between the grade.

The Hardest Job of My Life: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I showed a foundation lower project, not unlike many that we performed many times in the past…..but it has taken us over 4 months to complete… why?

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