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Last month, our Field Operations Manager, Tom Dixon, and I traveled to Omaha, Nebraska for training provided by our supplier Supportworks. I attended a course entitled ‘Train the Trainer’, designed to help the attendees bring more impactful and long-lasting results to our training program. Two years ago I attended the same class, however the content was almost completely new.

Tom is a new hire coming straight from the Army, serving first as an enlisted soldier and then, after going through officer training, as an officer. We hired him for his people skills… Supportworks is providing the industry (production) training.  There were about 40 people in Tom's class from all around the country. All of them eager to learn, share and help each other. Each of them bring a unique perspective and real world experience in interacting with the training materials and instruction provided by Supportworks.

2018TrainTheTrainer-58In the ‘Train the Trainer’ class that I attended, we learned about the many tools and theories to aid in learning and retention. Audiovisual aids, group interactions, personal presentation styles. We participated and learned, became vulnerable and helped each other. We participated in practice, both in planning and in delivering content. We videotaped our presentations and helped each other with helpful suggestions that we learned from the training. I am a better person as a result of participating in this.

During breaks, I would sneak over to the Production Training that Tom was attending. Each time I would see the trainers utilizing the methods and tactics being taught in my ‘Train the Trainer’ class. I would see them in discussion groups, brainstorming, watching videos, sharing experiences, and much more….. apparently Supportworks practices what they preach!

This training is a microcosm of what Supportworks provides for its dealers. Quality information, caring, and innovation. Fortune 100 quality stuff, with the latest in theory presented by professionals who have been educated with university degrees in the subjects being discussed. I think back to the days when I was a Ram Jack Dealer, where I attended, poorly conceived, and executed training with apathetic halfhearted presenters on very basic concepts.

Years ago I made the decision to move my business from Ram Jack to Supportworks. Every day I am more and more convinced that it was the right thing to do.


Photos courtesy of Supportworks, all rights reserved.

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