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Summer is Here & It’s a Hot One!

Staying Safe in the AZ Heat GraphicArizona Desert Heat Can be Deadly

To be fair, all Summers in the desert portions of the Grand Canyon State are 'Hot Ones'. 

However, we got an early dose of summer this year and you can bet this will be a long one! In all seriousness, workers toiling in the hot Arizona summer can be a draining and very dangerous thing. 

We've had workers in the past get heat exhaustion and we now take extra precautions to make sure this doesn’t happen again!

Arizona Foundation Solutions embodies the principles of 'Conscious Capitalism' in valuing all of the stakeholders in our business, employees are chief among them. As one of our most important assets, we are always listening to  employees and improving the working conditions of our installation  / production teams. We've had workers in the past get heat exhaustion and we now take extra precautions to make sure this doesn’t happen again!


Cooling Canopy and fanHow we are protecting Arizona Foundation Solutions Employees from the Arizona Heat:

Aside from the normal routines of water, and monitoring, and training to spot worker heat exhaustion, and shifting our hours earlier, we have gone to some extraordinary lengths.

Water Backpacks- We purchased Ergodyne water backpacks for Production Field Employees. This insures that they can access cool water while they are working… a key part of keeping hydrated. At night they can fill them with water and freeze them. Worn on their backs they slowly melt keeping them cool while providing cool water all day.

Canopies- We have purchased pop up canopies to set up over the work area keeping them in the shade as they work.

Fan / Mister Combos- Fans with misters are used on foundation repair job sites during excessive heat warnings.  The fans will cool the work area  

Cooling Hats- The human head processes 20% of the body’s blood flow at any one time, keeping the hot sun off your head and keeping it cool is critical to help keep the body cool. These cooling hats have a gel lining to help the wearer stay cool in the hot summer sun!

Cooling Vests- Some of our crews need to work in an attic when installing our MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System. During the summer this can be deadly! We have ice/gel packed cooling vests for them to wear while in the attic.

These are just a few tools in our 'Keeping Cool' toolbox. We have many, more ideas that we are working on - from attic coolers, soil soakers, air tools, excavator modifications, hydraulic compactors and more!

Why stop at revolutionary patented Foundation Repair and Concrete Repair Products?  We may have a few cool cooling innovations in the works!

      Cooling Fan on an AZFS Foundation Repair Project  AZFS Director Tom Dixon in a Cooling Hat at a Foundation Repair job site.  Ergodyne Water Backpack at an AZFS Foundation Repair  project