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Success is Validation of Philosophy

We consider it a validation of our philosophy and operating principles when our company continues to grow and expand with forward momentum. Our employees, who share our vision of making the world a better place with Transparent Engineered Solutions, can see and feel our forward momentum.

In the last 3 years we have gone from 30 odd employees to almost 90! The growth of our teams has enabled key employees to learn and grow with the company creating value in their lives. All this growth does present some challenges…. In particular well we are out of room!

Last month, we started our long anticipated Office Remodel. We are removing inefficient hallways and individual rooms and replacing them with open areas and training rooms. Once in a while, I get to use my skills as an architect to make our facilities more efficient. As a result, we will be able to fit about 10 more people into our workspace and have a training room large enough to accommodate our Arizona Foundation Solutions Family.

Arizona Foundation Solutions Remodel

In order to keep our business running during the remodel, we have broken down the work into 3 phases. Our engineering teams are working from home. All of the staff from the phase 1 moved temporarily down to the Engineering area. Once phase 1 (blue) is completed, Customer Care, Marketing & the Engineering Departments can move in…. then we can start demolition on phase 2.

Once phase 2(red) is complete with new restrooms, we can demolish the old ones and complete phase 3 (green) to build new offices where the old restrooms are currently at.

This has been and continues to be quite the adventure!