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I am excited to announce that I have been confirmed as a speaker at the National Foundation Repair Association annual convention in April of next year to discuss methods of foundation investigations as well as showing how my patented MoistureLevel system works. In addition to that I am speaking at the annual convention of the American Society of Home Inspectors here in Phoenix in October. I have also received my credentials as a CEU provider by the Arizona Department of Real Estate after almost a year of working towards it. 

speaking-engagements Accepting National Radon DefenseLast year when I attended the National Foundation Repair Association convention in San Antonio, I casually spoke with a few contractors about my moisture level system and my philosophy about how to diagnose foundation problems. I received a huge amount of interest from just about everyone that I talked to including the current president. As a result they have already engaged me to speak at the next annual event in Dallas.

Most contractors recognize the problems inherent with the foundation repair industry and would like to do something about it but they are not quite sure what to do. Most of them recognize the systems that I am suggesting can help bring the integrity and objectivity back into the homeowner interaction.

Additionally, many of them realize the value of having a system that can deal with heave from expansive soils in a productive way, as opposed to ignoring it because in the past they have had nothing to offer for it. Now they don’t have to pretend that this problem doesn’t exist because they have something of value to offer for it.

In some respects, this confirms and vindicates I have been saying in these blogs for years. Keep your ears open as the revolution begins to take effect!

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