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Redefining with Supportworks - Omaha, NE

Supportworks 2019 Awards Night - Arizona Foundation Solutions

April 10-13th most of our team leaders traveled with me to Omaha Nebraska to attend the Redefine Convention put on by our supplier Supportworks. Each of our team members attended specific training to help them be more successful contributors and align their personal goals with our vision. Below is a short excerpt from each of those that attended.

- Bob

Bob Brown, Owner Arizona Foundation Solutions

There were several tracks tailored specifically to help me as an owner and manager of a foundation repair business be more successful with my team leadership. The keynote speaker was nationally renowned author and speaker, Patrick Lencioni, who spoke to the entire convention and also specifically to the owners, where we learned tips and lessons on the 4 disciplines of healthy organizations, building cohesive teams, and rallying our team around super clear values. As leaders we need to be vulnerable first in setting the example and creating trust with our senior leadership team. We were able to interact with real time questions on specific challenges.


Jessica LaFlesh, Marketing Manager

“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.” – Lewis Cass

As Team AZFS made their way to Omaha, Nebraska from balmy Phoenix, Arizona, we reviewed the break out schedules and selected those each of us were going to sit in on.  Embracing the spirit of ‘getting comfortable being uncomfortable’, several us elected to sit in on break outs that were not aligned with our specific roles, rather, we were seeking insight into other areas.  For example, I feel I need to work on my product and installation knowledge to write better copy for marketing materials.  One of the breakout sessions I sat in on was ‘Talk the Walk’… while this was my first breakout session on the day, it was one of the most insightful!  It is a simple concept that came complete with four steps (outlined below) that seemed almost too good to be true… and then I realized the plan doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.  You do not need to throw money at a problem to solve it.  The best part is this can be applied to any challenge you face, personally or professionally.


Mindy Hall, HR Manager

There were many great take-a-ways for me/HR.  Providing and inviting Feedback consistently and regularly was and is a major focus. We also discussed the roles of leadership vs. managing. For example - we need to lead our people and manager our time and our budget. Humble, Hungry, and People Smart is still such an important factor. We can teach skills and tasks – but when we hire for skills or what they know - we terminate for who they are. Some of the important quotes I collected were: “Impact does not equal Intent.” and “You create what you tolerate”, and “Don’t rush to judgement about intent.”


Brian Patrick, AZFS Consultant

The Supportworks training that I attended was very uplifting and refreshing. We got to listen to key speakers about how to be a better version of yourself. We learned about new products that are being rolled out, better software programs that are more organized and have awesome videos to share with our customers. The future with Support works is very bright. I believe in the process and making things all about the customers why and really caring about them and the situation they are in. I went to multiple trainings and listen to everybody give advice on how to be a better team player and employee. I can’t wait to share my notes with my team next Tuesday. I’m looking forward to change and always getting better for my company and customers. Thank you for letting me go this year.


Tom Dixon, Director of Operations

I was super pumped to have the opportunity to attend the 2019 Support Works Redefine convention. Networking with our peers from across the nation was awesome and what a great way to bounce ideas and concepts off each other. My big take away was based on Pat Lencioni’s concept of Hungry, Humble and Smart. I assumed that the more of these traits a potential hire has the better, even if they didn’t have all three. His discussion was enlightening and has redefined the way I will hire in the future. Additionally, the time spent with the leadership team was invaluable, bringing the team closer and aligning our values and commitment to client satisfaction. 


Matt Tomnitz, Logistics Manager

I learned a lot from convention and some of the things that I learned and am using is understanding the customer why, and helping my team utilize this info when they are talking to the customer. Showing them how they could be better listeners, because listening and knowing how to listen to a customer is half the battle. Last but not least was realizing that I need to be more hungry and get after it a little more.


Lynn Redondo, Accounting Manager

 The accounting tracks emphasized the importance of team work.  Accounting is affected by every department’s efficiency.  So, as a team, we work together to insure that we do everything on our end to help keep production moving smoothly.  We pay attention to the weakest links and help boost both morale and numbers.


Alexis Chatman (L) & Jessica LaFlesh (R) at Supportworks Redefine 2019Alexis Chatman, Appointment Center Manager

What I brought back from convention is to remember that there is always a “Moment of Truth “when customers call in or visit us….  Are we leaving a positive or negative impression with our customers that can last forever.  We discussed the different types of “moments” a customer could have such as: Moments of Misery, Moments of Mediocracy or Moments of Magic and how a customer could have a moment of misery and or mediocracy and we can always turn it around to be a moment of magic for the customers.

Another class we discussed was about mastering the Art and Science of customer service – using techniques to help you enhance customer service skills which is the (Science) & Strategies that will create moments of magic to deliver a great experience to our customers (Art).

Inside Sales Class – was more showing all of the resources and or scripts that they have available now but there was no audio for us to listen to at that time.  Also discussed the amount of monies that is left behind and need someone to capture all those unsold proposals.  Also showed us the new process for onboarding a new hire in the inside sales role.   (I am getting these items to help me in this area)


So there you have it. Another way Supportworks continues to lead the world in providing the support for us foundation repair contractors as we redefine how we make our customers lives better with our service!