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Post Tension Institute Publishes Foundation Inspection Guidelines

PTI Interior 1 DC10.8-18: Guide for Performance Evaluation of SOG FoundationsIn searching for information on post tension repairs, I came upon a recent publication regarding the evaluation guidelines. “  DC10.8-18: Guide for Performance Evaluation of SOG Foundations”.  Notice the title of this does not mention anything about post tensioned slabs…… meaning it is intended for all slab on grade (SOG) foundations. The other thing I noticed up front that the chair of this committee was Brian Juedes PE, formerly of Felten Engineering. I have known Brian for many years and have great respect for him.

In reading this publication, I noticed many things that validate what are currently doing. It’s almost eerie in similarities. It is basically a guideline to evaluate the performance of foundation. A step by step how to.

Finally, a nationally recognized body giving guidelines! As mentioned in so many of my previous blogs, there is a huge disparity in the methods of foundation investigations. Please reference previous blogs:



On the first Page it says in clear language.” This work should be done under the direction of a Licensed Design Professional (LDP)”. This validates one the claims that I have been making for many years: that a foundation inspection should not be done by a foundation repair salesman without the oversight of a Licensed Design Professional.

Other similarities abound; the use of regularly spaced reading points, the use of a tilt and deflection with the L/360 and 1% for allowables…… damage maps to be used in conjunction… even the practice of using the ceilings in garages and many more.

So it looks like we have been on the right track all these years. It’s great to be vindicated!

 DC10.8-18: Guide for Performance Evaluation of SOG Foundations

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