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Pool Repair and Soil Remediation achieved by Pressure Grouting In Arizona

Pool Repair and Soil Remediation Achieved by Pressure Grouting in Arizona - Image 1We were a key component of a difficult pool repair. An indoor swimming pool settled, broke some lines and was threatening other lines which if broken could then inundate the soil more causing more settlement. Significant voids were discovered under the pool. The pool and surrounding area were built on back fill with insufficient soil compaction adjacent to a retaining wall. We were called to help with the pool repair and soil remediation by developing a pressure grouting plan together with local a local soil engineering firm, Alpha Geotechnical.
The pool repair incorporated a pressure grouting plan on this particular project that involved some challenges that added to the complexity of the project. The first issue involved achieving soil compaction with out moving the wall laterally. Adjacent to the wall were rock drains that could not be filled with grout. This required careful control of the grout slump in order to be stiff enough to not flow into the crushed rock but not too stiff to move the wall while compaction grouting. 

Another challenge in the pool repair was to avoid the plumbing lines under and around the pool while pressure grouting. The lines were located and in some instances removed where possible. Once the lines were located, the pressure grouting pattern was adjusted to avoid the infrastructure.

The depth of the fill was approximately 10’ below the top of the pool deck. The cut fill line was verified through driving of the grout casing. The holes closest to retaining wall were monitored for movement and pressure grouted first at lower pressures to provide protection as holes further away were grouted with higher pressures. The primary holes were pressure grouted first with the holes between grouted after the primary holes were finished.

The pool repair was done by raising it approximately 1/2” with the cracks at the grout line closing up during the compaction grouting. The soil compaction was improved using a low slump compaction grout with out added lubricants. The Project was finished in about 2 weeks, the holes patched in the pool area and new decking installed around the pool. 

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