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Part II: How I Got to Where I Am Now…..& Where We Are Headed Next!

In part one of this blog I gave the history of how I started with very humble means in college and built the company to what it is today. There certainly were some tips, bumps, highs and lows along the way. I promised that I would send a picture of our equipment that we have today. Below is that picture.

This picture is not complete as there are many pieces of equipment that are not included in some that are included and some that is hard to see in this picture, but it does give an overall feeling of equipment that we have in our capabilities today.

So where are we headed? It is my massive transformative purpose in life to bring to the people of Arizona and perhaps the rest of the country, a paradigm shift that helps homeowners recognize what they should expect from a foundation investigation. This includes their right to an objective and accurate diagnosis and recommendations based on real engineering principles as opposed to salesmanship. It is also my purpose in life to bring to homeowners a viable solution for foundation heaving that is practical, affordable, and effective in dealing with this problem.

I plan to license this technology to installers all across the United States making the benefits of this technology to everyone. Two weeks ago I traveled to Texas and shared some of the details of the system with the installers nationwide and got an extremely positive interest and feedback.

As I continue to develop the system and refine its reporting capabilities, I will also begin licensing the technology to other installers. We are working on a number of fronts to verify the principles and results obtained from using this technology, and will bring those to you as they become available.