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Acme DocHow would you feel if you went to your doctor discovered he was not an MD but rather a pharmaceutical rep for one brand of pills? You might become suspect when you received a particular brand of pills for every ailment that you discussed with him.

Many people do not realize, in the foundation repair industry, the symbiotic relationship between a supplier and installer of a particular system. The supplier is so involved with the installer that it is almost a partnership arrangement. One of the reasons we switched from Ram Jack to Foundation Supportworks was because the support and training that we received from foundation support works as far superior to any that we got from ram Jack.

One of the critical aspects of training is the training of salespeople in diagnosing foundation movement. This training is usually good. In the case of Foundation Supportworks…. excellent. However as with any single source supplier training will be centered on their particular offered products. What happens if the problem does not call for the products that a particular supplier has to offer? Then it will and does go largely ignored. As a result most foundation repair contractors do not really understand how to diagnose heave because the training they receive does not help them understand how to recognize or treat it. And this is largely because there is no incentive for the supplier to train contractor to recognize or treat it when that supplier has nothing to offer for it.

This is one of the reasons why I feel it is so important to receive training from multiple sources. It is the reason why I have been a member of the National Foundation Repair Association for so many years. The NFRA continues to be on the cutting edge of providing training from many sources to its membership. I have also attended the 1 week Grouting Fundamentals Course at the Colorado School of Mines. In addition I have a degree from ASU from the School of Architecture and our in house Engineer has degree from Oregon State.

Hence the question for anyone who is inspecting your foundation “what credible training have you received ….. other than your supplier?” 

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