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If The Only Tool They Have is a Hammer, Then All Their Problems Start Looking Like Nails

Hammer and nailsYou may have heard this saying from me before and wondered just exactly what I mean by it. Have you ever been to one of those chiropractors who claim they can fix just about any illness with chiropractic adjustment? How much do we really believe in that solution? Yes we can fix your rare genetic illness by cracking your back……

The same can hold true in the foundation diagnosis and repair environment. When a contractor is coming out to diagnose and offer solutions to your foundation problem, and only has one practical solution to offer, how do you think they are going to interpret the problem? Let’s cram those square pegs into round holes!....... Does this really happen? I can tell you without hesitation I have seen it hundreds of times.

So how do you protect yourself from this issue? The first thing is to make sure that the analysis and interpretation is being done by someone who has no incentives to interpret it any particular way. A salesman on commission is not a good way to start. The second thing is to see whether or not there are any objective industry standards being used. A third good rule of thumb is to make sure it is reviewed by someone who is a licensed engineer. The last and most important factor is to make sure that the person doing the interpretation and analysis has all of the solutions to offer regardless of the problem encountered.

Don’t be fooled into letting the Fox come guard your henhouse for free. Call Arizona Foundation Solutions for the only truly objective foundation analysis with solutions for both settlement and heave from expansive soils. We provide our service in Phoenix & Tucson AZ and surrounding area. 

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