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How does MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System Remediate Heave & Save Homeowners Money?

We are completing project now that exemplifies everything I have been talking about for the last few months. It is a scenario that I see over and over again.

A homeowner calls, we do a free inspection and determine that further in depth analysis is needed. This particular house is in El Dorado Lakes, a neighborhood in Gilbert where the soils are regularly a problem. After completing the analysis we determined that the foundation system was settling in some areas but mostly the house was heaving from expansive soil under the floor slab. The deflection analysis showed that the house passed on tilt but failed on deflection according to industry standards.

Here is a copy of the floor level survey and damage assessment. As you can see it is a clear dome heave pattern with minor settlement at some corners.

Here is the industry standard failure comparison. And finally our repair plan:


had the repair plan reviewed by our in house engineer. It consisted of installing 12 piles, some minor mud jacking and our patent pending MoistureLevel system. It's probably difficult to see but our MoistureLevel system….it is the green dot in the Laundry Room. It is mitigating most of the problem of this house.

This not too untypical. At my visit to the homeowner the other day during construction, the homeowner revealed to me that she had received a bid from another foundation repair company that proposed piles all the way around the house and deep soil grouting…. For almost 3 times our price!

So there we have it. Another example of how homes are being misdiagnosed, and how the misdiagnoses leads to wasted money, with little chance of addressing most of the real problem and results that could in fact exacerbate the problem.

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