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Heave Protection for Foundations

Heave Protection for Foundations: Recap of the Need for Heave Mitigation

I’d like to give a quick summary of where we are at with the last few blogs...

In my recent blogs titled: the Insider’s View of The Foundation Repair Industry , The Dirty Little Secret of the Foundation Repair Industry, and The Right Solutions for the Right Problems, I established the fact that most buildings built in an arid environment tend to have heaving problems instead of settlement problems, close to 80%. I also established that many (I estimate up to 50%) foundation problems get misdiagnosed by foundation contractors and even some engineers on a regular basis. I also discussed that the typical industry repair methods for remediating misdiagnosed heave are wrong and counterproductive.

In my subsequent blogs entitled The Insider’s View of the Foundation Repair Industry Part 2, and Deflection vs Tilt What is the Difference?, I discussed the due diligence that is required in order to properly diagnose a failing foundation. Without going through the hard work and diligence required, mistakes are likely to happen. In my last series of blogs entitled, How to Remediate a Heave, and MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System for Expansive Soils, I discussed a new revolutionary way to mitigate the effects of expansive clays on existing foundations and floor slabs. I have developed this method and patented it so that I can have something of value to offer homeowners and building owners with this difficult to resolve problem. It is a unique cost effective and non intrusive solution that has very good initial results.

In my discussions with geotechnical engineers and structural engineers for the past for five months I have received nothing but supportive and encouraging comments for the system. Not one naysayer.

This system is only about 5% of the costs typically charged for very intrusive and minimally effective heave mitigation treatments. Let me repeat that….. 1/20th of the costs! With far superior results! At the same time it mitigates Radon radiation caused cancers, harmful gases (VOC’s and PCB’s from pollution), eliminates wet slabs, and a theoretical reduction in termite infestation.

Stay tuned for more….

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