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Foundation Repair – Do I need to have the foundation of my home repaired?

Is it good enough to have a contractor do a visual inspection or do I need to have a more thorough inspection performed? Do I have an expansive soil problem or do I have a settlement problem?

The cost of a residential foundation repair is usually very expensive. So it will always make sense to have a more detailed inspection.

The results of repairing a foundation with the wrong diagnosis is usually a big waste of money and can have catastrophic consequences.

Arizona Ram Jack’s approach is to perform a manometer survey. The manometer survey will provide elevation readings throughout the interior of the home. These elevation readings will then be referenced to the existing signs of stress such as wall, floor and ceiling cracks. Also any improper drainage and any ponding water areas next to the foundation of the home will also be evaluated around the exterior of the home. This information will then be imported into a mapping software program and will generate an easy to understand contour map.

After reviewing the contour mapping together with the signs of stress we will then design a detailed repair plan and will also provide an estimate to complete the repairs.

If the results of the manometer survey show that a structural foundation repair is not needed then we will provide you with some options such as adding gutters and improving the drainage around your home.

Be very careful of the contractor who wants to suggest an expensive structural foundation repair with just a visual inspection.

If you would like to have the foundation of your home thoroughly inspected by a certified foundation repair specialist give us a call.

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