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Forward Momentum: Office Remodel & an Unlicensed Engineer

We have moved forward with the remodeling of our office…while we are in it. Am I crazy? Perhaps...

The truth of it is that we had little choice if we wanted to continue functioning in a productive way. So from time to time, I will be posting updates on our progress over the next few months.

We started this process in the planning stage almost a year ago and even did some minor room consolidating to make space available in the interim. We conducted interviews with architects and selected one. Last Spring, we selected our architect and proceeded with planning. By end of summer we submitted our plans! After several attempts we finally got the plans approved. One hitch seemed to be the mechanical treatment of our septic system. Red flag. I had to hire a septic specialist to get it done properly.

Office Before

View showing areas before remodel including the conference room and one of 2 long nonfunctional hallways


Office Before 1

Office Before 2

Office Before 3

During this phase, our engineering teams worked from home and our marketing and appointment center teams moved back to the engineering offices.

One of the key parts of the project required moving all soffited ductwork up into the attic. Our mechanical contractor kept telling me that the designed plan would not work and refused to move forward. After investigating, we discovered the mechanical engineered hired by our architect was using a seal without permission. After stopping all work for several weeks, finding a new engineer, and getting a new plan we were able to continue!