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Finalist for BBB Torch Award for Ethics - 2017

BBB TAE 2017For many years, we have worked tirelessly to wow our customers, to be transparent and fair in our recommendations putting the customer first.

This recognition is a reflection of the great work of our people.

I have continually tried to lead our company in practices that homeowners can believe in, utilizing transparent engineered practices to analyze and recommend foundation repairs. As far as I know, we are the only foundation repair company in North America that conducts business that way. While it may put us at a cost disadvantage, I have made the commitment to continue with this because it is the right thing to do.

This would not be possible without the commitment of our loyal employees who share that vision. We have been fortunate to attract talented ethical team members who have rallied together to overcome obstacles, bring innovative solutions forward as share this vision and these values that are central to our central reason for being.

It is because of these values and practices homeowners have come to trust us more than any other foundation repair service in Arizona. Each year we see more than rapid growth as homeowners come to expect the ethical service that we provide.

The BBB Torch Awards for Ethics were established in 2002 to recognize outstanding businesses that maintain a solid commitment to ethics and trust in the marketplace. Companies are selected by an independent panel of volunteer community leaders based on criteria established by the Council for Better Business Bureau’s International Torch Award.

All finalists were first nominated and after meeting minimum criteria, proceeded to complete an evaluation where they had to demonstrate their commitment to ethics in six categories:

  • Leadership’s Commitment to Ethics
  • Communication of Ethical Practices
  • Organizational Commitment to Ethical Practices
  • Organizational Commitment to Performance Management Practices
  • Organizational Commitment to the Community

“ Known for upholding high ethical standards, this year’s finalists join over 200 local businesses part of BBB’s community of trustworthy businesses,” said Dory Gosar, BBB Foundation Director. “Doing the right thing is not always easy and these companies have demonstrated a commitment to ethical practices even in the most difficult times.”